5 Ways To Keep New Spa Clients Coming Back

5 Ways To Keep New Spa Clients Coming Back

The key to your success isn’t just booking new clients but retaining new clients. Here are 5 ways to keep new spa clients coming back for more!

• Stay Connected

Whether booking clients over the phone, in person, or online—always request their phone number and email address. This will make it easy for you to send appointment reminders and keep them apprised of new promotions. Just be sure to keep your outreach minimal. For example, send a text message every time you have a seasonal sale or promotion and send one monthly newsletter. Also, add a newsletter opt into your website.

• Offer Incentives

There are a variety of incentives you can offer to help entice new and existing clients to come back more frequently. This might include:

• Discounted services if you bring a friend—half off your service if you bring a friend
• Discounts for trying new services—$20 off your first facial
• Discounts for referring a friend—a $50 credit for every referral
• Reward and loyalty programs—your 10th haircut is free
• Special birthday packages—half off all services the week of your birthday
• Monthly discount days—$5 off threading every first Tuesday of the month
• Monthly salon or spa packages—facial, massage, and mani/pedi for $200

• The Five Senses

From the moment a new client walks through the doors of your salon or spa, it must appropriately engage their 5 senses.

• Sight—your lobby and all service and treatment areas must be sparkling clean, professional, and visually appealing to your demographic.
• Sound—if you choose to play music it must be designed to set the mood. For example, sounds of nature for your massage studio.
• Smell—be mindful of adding fragrances as allergies are of increasing concern. If you opt for a scent to set the mood choose naturally derived incense, candles, and essential oils.
• Touch—everything from the lobby furniture to the salon chairs and treatment tables must feel soft, comfortable and luxurious.
• Taste—look for ways to incorporate taste into your pampering experience. At the very least offer plain bottled water, but consider sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, infused flat water, champagne, wine, and maybe a gourmet snack.

• Provide A Signature Service

Where a lot of salons and spas go wrong is in trying to be a catch-all spot. While being a one-stop-beauty or pampering spot may be your goal, your clients are looking for a place that specializes in the service they need. So, figure out the top 1 to 3 things you and your team do best and market it like crazy. This might be men’s haircuts, beards, hair coloring, therapeutic massage, 3D nail printing, blow dry services, or facials. Whatever it is do it and do it well.

• Provide Superior Customer Service

You might be the best at what you do but if you and your team don’t have customer service down, new clients won’t return. Even if you aim to be the trendiest spa in town your staff must be timely, professional, warm, and welcoming. Your staff also needs to be knowledgeable, trained on the latest techniques, and able to offer personalized services.

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Email Marketing Tips For Salons And Spas

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep your salon or spa top of mind. The goal is never to bombard clients with messaging but to keep them apprised of what you have going on.

Create A Monthly Newsletter

Not sure what to put in your monthly newsletter? That’s easy. Update clients on any new services, new team members, upcoming community events, and most importantly—your seasonal or monthly service packages.

Targeted Emails

You should never send out more than 2 emails a month to your subscribers, and at least one should be targeted. For example, you might create two monthly newsletters—one for men and one for women. But it’s better if you get more specific. Maybe one standard email newsletter that goes to everyone, and a second email by service preferences. For example, the second email could be targeted toward customers who only come in for hair services.

Brand Your Emails

Whether designed by you or your designer, your email marketing must be branded. Many salons and spas use the same design template for all their emails, with their logo at the top so that they are easily identifiable.

Keep Things Short And Sweet

It’s tempting to share a wealth of information but those who open your email want to get to the point in a matter of seconds. Be sure to use relevant service or product images and quick but engaging text. Add links to more in-depth information, such as a related blog post.

Your Email Headline Matters

We all receive daily emails from businesses we are subscribed to and the ones you open are ones that pique your interest. So, consider what will pique your subscribers’ interest. Be fun, clear, and specific—and if you are offering a discount include it in the headline. For example, “Need To Relax? Take 20% Off All Massages Booked By July 30!” Or instead of, “Cutting Edge’s Monthly Newsletter” your headline could be “Cutting Edge’s Hottest Men’s Hairstyles For Summer”.

Don’t Forget SMS

Text messaging is super short and sweet, but it has a significantly higher open rate than emails. Since you likely have all client phone numbers utilize text for more than just appointment reminders—but also to remind clients of upcoming sales, promotions, and events. For example, “24 more hours to book your next hair color at 20% off!” This strategy is even better if they can book their appointment electronically.

Even if clients don’t open your email, seeing your name keeps you top of mind the next time they need to book a spa or salon service. For more tips on how to engage and retain your clients sign up for the Beautésélect Newsletter!

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