Spa And Salon Group Event Ideas

Spa And Salon Group Event Ideas

Ladies love to go to the spa and salon with their friends but you rarely have more than two or three who book together. Here are a few ideas for enticing larger groups for fun and profitable events.

Bridal Parties And Wedding Packages

If you haven’t yet, put together a series of packages that can be customized for weddings. This might include:

  • Day of hair and makeup for the bride and bridal party
  • Day of hair and makeup for mother of the bride, mother of the groom, grandmas, and other key family members
  • Special occasion hair or lash extensions
  • Bridal party pampering—massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, lash services, etc.

Prom Hair And Makeup

Prom is a big day for high schoolers, often the first time they have their hair professionally styled and makeup professionally applied. While you are sure to get a few prom bookings you can increase your bookings by creating group discounts. If your hair salon doesn’t typically do makeup, have someone come in just for prom. Try to make a full day of it rotating girls between different services—nails, lashes, hair and makeup.

Community Events

An excellent way to increase brand awareness is by looking for ways to participate in community events—both onsite and offsite. This might be setting up a booth at a bridal event, offering free or discounted services for your community Girl’s Night Out, providing a free service like mobile 3D nail printing at charity events, or providing classes on skincare and beauty tips.

Birthday Bash

Girls of all ages enjoy being pampered so offer a group event. The most popular option is a group mani/pedi. If the kids are young it doesn’t necessarily need to be a full spa service and more of a mini-mani/pedi. Kids will be more interested in getting to pick their own colors and fun designs. If the group is older, add on additional spa and salon services, offer champagne, and maybe even catered food.

Men’s Spa Packages

Ladies are the first who come to mind when it comes to spa and salon packages but don’t forget the gentlemen! If you cater to gentlemen look for more ways to entice well-groomed dudes through the door. This might be a group beard care event, pre-wedding pampering, and even a full spa day for the gents.

You’ll need extra staff on hand to ensure that you can seamlessly serve your groups and your regularly scheduled clients. For more tips on how to entice larger groups to your salon or spa sign up for the Beautésélect newsletter!

How To Boost Community Awareness For Your New Salon Or Spa

Congratulations! You just opened up a new salon or spa, now it’s time to start driving in the business. The tips below will help to alert new customers about your specialty services.

SEO Optimize Your Website

You invested handsomely in your website design, but is your website content and back of house also optimized? If you aren’t sure, hire a technical SEO specialist. This will help drive maximum local and targeted traffic to your website. Ensure that they:

  • Use industry keywords
  • Use local area keywords
  • Add keywords to your image alt tags
  • Yoast “green light” all blog posts and website pages
  • Manually update your website page titles and website descriptions

Add Your Business To Google My Business

GMA is more than a local review site, but the most effective strategy to instantly show up in search results when people Google for salons and spas in your local area. Having a GMA account is especially important for populating in mobile search inquiries. In addition to having a GMA account remind clients, and provide incentives, for leaving reviews. A steady stream of reviews will boost how often your business populates when people Google your business type. This includes increasing your reviews on Facebook and local area review sites.

Participate In Local Community Events

Your participation in local community events must be strategic. You are looking to create brand awareness in locations your target audience frequents. This could be anything from:

  • Wedding and bridal events
  • Health fairs
  • Fitness events
  • Professional transformation events

Partner With Local Charities

Partnering with local charities is another excellent way to boost awareness. Branded sponsorship is one way to go but think outside the box.

  • Can you provide free or discounted services to women in transition?
  • Can you do free nail painting, hair braiding, temporary hair color, or glam makeup application at a children’s charity event?
  • Can you provide free hair or makeup to the event board members in exchange for branded recognition?

Get Social

Having a website is not enough so you need to get on social media too. Facebook and Instagram are a must. You don’t have to post more than 1 or 2 times a week, but you will need to upload an initial bunch of photos. For Facebook, create an album for each of your primary services—before and after photos if applicable. Instagram should have a nice range of photos representing your services and the different demographics you serve. Be sure to add both local area (your city) and industry-related hashtags to your posts.

These are just a few ways you can boost brand awareness for your new spa or salon. For additional tips sign up for the Beautésélect Newsletter!

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