5 Essentials Every Salon Website Should Have

5 Essentials Every Salon Website Should Have

We know that running a salon is no easy feat. There are hundreds of details to keep in mind at once and more adding to that list by the minute. With so much on your mind, planning out a website might be a challenge. Especially if you look at online guides that recommend tons of (unnecessary) features.

To cut down on the noise, here are the essentials your salon website should have pre-launch. You can choose to add other fancy features and functionalities later. With these 5 features, you can have a useful, user-friendly website.

5 Essentials for Your Salon Website

1.Your NAP in plain view

NAP stands for Name, Address (physical and email), and Phone number. If a user is looking for a new salon, the first thing they probably want to know is: “Is this salon near me?” When that is answered, then they may want to know: “How can I contact them?” Save potential clients from any hassle and provide this information upfront.

2. An About Us page

While looking for a salon online, a potential client does not have the added advantage of connecting with the stylists in person. Your About Us page will give them an inside look at the people behind the salon, and boost their interest in your services.

2. Services page

Create a page with a list of all the services you currently offer. If you leave some out, potential clients may conclude that you don’t offer those services and move on.

3. Portfolio page

Your portfolio page should contain pictures of all your best work. Give potential clients a great first impression and persuade them to reach out using this page.

4. Testimonials page

84% of potential customers will trust an online review as much as they will trust a friend’s recommendation. Sometimes, potential clients feel doubtful about reaching out. But kind words from your satisfied clients could just be what changes their minds.

5. Online booking option

This option offers convenience for your clients. They can see your available hours and set up their appointments with a few clicks. An interface like this costs some extra money in developer fees. But there’s a great alternative.

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