How to Partner with Local Influences to Build Your Clientele

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How to Partner with Local Influencers to Build Your Clientele

Want to get people talking about your salon? Try local influencers. Data from marketing research shows that influencers are the fastest growing means of gaining new customers.

The right influencers have the ability to affect the purchasing decision of your target potential clientele. This is because they like and admire these influencers, and trust their judgement on products and services.  Which is why we recommend working with local influencers.

Local influencers are those influencers who live in your city or immediate area. Not just that, but they should have a history with small businesses within the city. This indicates that a good amount of their audience also lives in the same city, and make up your target audience.

Here’s how to find these influencers and partner with them to build your clientele.

How to Find Local Influencers

Your own followers list

There may be some influencers hiding in your list. If they follow you already, then it probably means they have a real liking for your brand. This could inspire more honest and personalized reviews from them.

Local hashtags

Type in your city or state name into social media ‘Hashtags’ sections, and see what pops up. You can narrow down your results by looking for the posters with the most engagement. If they are influencers and within your client group, then add them to your list.

Influencer marketing platforms

There are several platforms where influencers list their details for brands to approach them. Some examples are BuzzSumo and BuzzStream.

How to Make Offers to Local Influencers to Build your Clientele

Before you approach any influencer, ensure that they fit into your target clients category. They should have the same wants and needs as the people who walk into your salon every day. Your target influencers should enjoy regular salon visits, because that makes up a part of what they show to their audience. It also means that a chunk of their audience is interested in seeing their salon visits.

If you approach an influencer who never visits the salon, you risk a huge disconnect with their audience. Simply because your brand is not the type of content they signed up for.

While approaching influencers, ensure that you have a budget in mind. Your offer does not have to be monetary, but most influencers will expect to be paid. Plan out your offer beforehand to avoid extending more benefits than you can afford. Also, make sure that what you offer is valuable enough to catch and hold their interests.

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